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Putting the care in Medicare

Go beyond the basics and get coverage that’s designed to help keep you healthy as possible and save you money. Enter your zip code to see 2024 plans starting at $0 per month in your area.

$0 to low premiums and copays means more bang for your buck.

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Save on prescription drugs included in our plans.

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Over-The-Counter allowances to help you save money.

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Clover LiveHealthy Rewards Program

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Dental, vision, and hearing.

Benefits designed to save you money. Our plans include dental, vision, and hearing coverage plus yearly allowances for dental care and eyewear (eyeglasses or contacts).

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Easy access to doctors.

In addition to in-person office visits, you can now see your doctor from the comfort of your home with a telehealth appointment. If your personal doctor isn’t available, Clover Health can connect you with a doctor or nurse practitioner via video or phone.

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Broad and open networks.

With a network of over 60,000+ providers it’s easy to get the care you need. Our PPO provider networks are broad and open, enabling members to see any doctor participating in Medicare who is willing to accept them.

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The Clover Assistant

The Clover Assistant helps your primary care doctor get a more complete view of your overall health so they can provide more personalized care during your visit. That means you can focus on living healthier.

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Everyone at Clover is so helpful and polite. And when they say they'll call me back they always do.


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Our Clover Health promise.

We do what's best for you.

We'll only enroll you in a Clover Health plan if it's the best option for you.

We treat you like a person, not a policy.

When you call with questions, we give you as much time as you need.

We are here when you need us.

Your needs come first. You have our word on that.

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