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For assistance, call Clover at 1-888-778-1478 (TTY 711)

Developer Guidelines

Getting started

Clover currently supports three APIs for use in third-party applications:

  • Our Formulary API allows access to the data around medications that are available to Clover members.
  • Our Provider Directory API allows access to provider data that define which doctors that Clover members can use.
  • Our Patient Access API allows access to a Clover member’s health information once that member consents to its use.

In order to use these APIs, developers must register with Clover. The registration form can be found here. Applicants will need the following information:

  • Organization name and URL
  • Which APIs you would like to use
  • Application name and purpose
  • Point-of-contact’s name and email address
  • Supporting documentation including a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (Patient Access API only)

API documentation

  1. Formulary and Provider Directory API documentation
  2. Patient Access API documentation

Things to keep in mind

Approval Timeline
All applications will be reviewed within 3 business days. Our support team will reach out directly if there are any follow up questions. Once approved, we’ll send you an email with the relevant credentials and API keys. If you're requesting access to the Patient Access API and are approved, you'll receive a setup email from our partner, CareEvolution. This can take an additional 5 business days. Thank you for your patience.

Your Privacy Policy
If you are requesting access to member data, you will be asked to provide a URL to your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions when completing the registration/application of your app. These links should be easy to access and understand by a member using your app.

Member Data Revocation
Patients should have the ability to revoke access to their data within the third party application. This is typically done by unlinking or deleting their account, but each application will be different. If a member informs Clover Health of their desire to revoke the use of their data, we will disable access. If the member’s data hasn’t been actively used within three months, we will also disable access.

Required Acknowledgements
Clover Health requires you to read and acknowledge the following Developer Terms of Use.

API Support
If you have any technical issues with the APIs, please email [email protected].