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Why Clover Health?

AEP 2020...

AEP 2020, we were the #1 fastest growing Medicare Advantage plan.

AEP 2021...

We were the #3 fastest growing Medicare Advantage plan.

We are especially proud...

of the 2021 ranking, which was earned during a trying AEP due to COVID.

Clover Health members sitting laughing against an orange background

Clover Health

Since our beginnings back in 2013,

Clover has grown its membership on average 20% per year thanks in part to the efforts of the broker community. Among parent organizations with 50,000 or more members, Clover Health ranked as one of the fastest growing Medicare Advantage plans by % growth in the country for the past two AEPs, according to Deft Research*.

Our plans!

Best-in-Class PPO Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Our plans are designed to keep our members’ out-of-pocket costs as low as possible.
  • Clover Health’s PPO provider network is broad and open, enabling our members to see any doctor participating in Medicare who is willing to accept them.
  • Many Clover PPO plans have the same low copay for in- and out-of-network providers:
    • $0 copay for PCP visits
    • $0–$20 copay for specialist visits
  • Other benefits:
    • Prescription drug coverage on all plans
    • $0 copay for many generic drugs
    • 100-day prescriptions via mail order
    • Allowances for comprehensive dental (select plans), eyewear, and OTC
    • SilverSneakers fitness membership
    • In-home care visits for members who qualify

Our approach!

Clover Health has a member-centric approach to care.

Our proprietary technology platform, the Clover Assistant, enables two-way communication between Clover Health and providers to address members’ personal health needs. The Clover Assistant is used daily by over 1,400 PCPs and staff to improve member care.


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Bottom line: Clover Health plans lead to better care for your clients.

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