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Broker FAQ

Please reach out to [email protected] to get more information to sell Clover Health plans. is Clover Health’s certification platform. For agents to become certified to sell our 2022 Medicare Advantage Products, an agent is required to pass our 2022 Certification Program through the Miramar:Agent online certification link.

Your upline has the unique code you will need to add in Miramar. Please reach out to your upline. Once you have this code you can complete 2022 certifications. If you do not know your upline, email Clover Health Broker Support for assistance.

Click here for a Miramar FAQ by Clover Health. Please also use the below links:
Miramar User Guide
Miramar Knowledge Base

Once you become RTS (ready to sell), visit the broker marketing portal and click “Request Access” below the Username box to register. Please be sure to use the same email address that is linked to your Miramar account. In 2 business days, you will receive an email with your new log-in credentials. Reminder: You will not be able to access or log in to the portal until you have completed your appointment and have become RTS with Clover for 2021 or 2022.

In the broker marketing portal you will find a variety of resources that will help you succeed in selling Clover Health plans. Such as personalized flyers, brochures, business cards, enrollment kits, and more.

Commissions will be paid to the broker and agencies according to the rates and policies outlined in the Compensation Exhibit of your contract with Clover Health. Clover Health pays commissions twice a month at this time (but is subject to change).

You can view commission statements in the new Broker Portal (see information below).

Clover Health's new broker portal is live! Reach out to [email protected] if you need your login credentials. We’re enhancing the broker experience by upgrading our Broker Portal, enabling you to:

  • track your BOB—new and existing
  • track application status from submission to accretion
  • get direct payment status

You can log in to the Clover Health broker portal here: If you are RTS (ready-to-sell) for 2022, your access and login credentials have been sent to you. If you need assistance, email [email protected].

Please email [email protected] to resolve this issue.

Agents can change agency only if one of these three conditions are met:

   1. Agent requests release and has not written Clover Health business in 6 months.
   2. Agent is granted a Transfer Release.
   3. Agent submits a Notice of Intent to Transfer request. Please view the release here.

Reminder, agents are allowed one agency change per year (after their initial agency/upline selection). Clover Health also has a blackout period during AEP.

Yes. As a policy, Clover Health will only investigate contested commissions/payment cases that have occurred within the last 12 months. In order for Clover Health to investigate a case, you will need to provide the Clover Commissions team with the following: 

   1. Correct AOR NPN 
   2. Effective date
   3. Copy of the confirmed application

Please make sure your Miramar email is up to date, as Clover Health uses this email for up-to-date communications. Once logged in to Miramar, you can check your Miramar email by clicking Agent Profile in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Throughout the year our team will send email updates on certifications, commissions, and tools; hot tips to sell Clover; and more.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-855-979-2236
Hours of Operation: 9 am–7 pm EST, Monday–Friday

  • Press '1' for Eligibility Inquiries
  • Press '2' for Provider Look Up Assistance
  • Press '3' for all other questions/issues

Commissions Department: [email protected]
Contracting Department: [email protected]