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For assistance, call Clover at 1-888-778-1478 (TTY 711)

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LiveHealthy Rewards FAQ

Someone from our Member Services team would be happy to help you. Please call 1-800-607-2348* (the number on the back of your LiveHealthy Flex Plus Visa card) or log in to the My Clover member portal for more information.

You can self-attest for the flu vaccine to get your reward (no need to wait for a claim to be submitted). You will need to attest in 2023 with a date of service that falls in 2023 to get credit for the 2023 reward. If you wait until after January 1, 2024, you can self-attest the 2024 flu vaccine and get the 2024 reward (with a 2024 service date).

Yes. You can also earn rewards for an A1C test and a retinal eye exam in 2024.

No. You can only receive a LiveHealthy Reward for getting the flu vaccine in 2024. However, you can also earn rewards for getting an A1C test and a retinal eye exam.

Although the Shingles vaccine is not eligible for an award, you can receive it for free with your Medicare Advantage plan. (Does not apply to Plans 056 and 057)

No, your LiveHealthy reward dollars do not expire at the end of each quarter.

You can find the 2024 health assessment survey on our website at or the My Clover member portal. You can complete the survey online or download a printable version. You also received the survey in paper form in your Clover Member Welcome Kit.

You can mail the completed form to the address below or call Member Services at 1-800-607-2348* and answer the questions over the phone.
Clover Health
P.O. Box 21164
Eagan, MN 55121

You can earn rewards by attending a Clover-sponsored member event, taking a quarterly member poll, or attending a SilverSneakers® gym or class (in person or virtually). Plus, you can receive a one-time reward for registering, logging in, and navigating to the LiveHealthy app. 

The SilverSneaker reward payment will take up to 45 days.

Scheduling a LiveHealthy Visit is easy! Please Call Member Services at 1-800-607-2348 (TTY 711)*. This is the number on the back of your LiveHealthy Flex Plus Visa card.

Yes. Please see the 2024 OTC Program Guide for a list of eligible OTC items.

* Not redeemable for cash, nor can it be used as a debit card for cash
* Cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or firearms
* Cannot be used as a pre-pay/deposit payment (e.g., hotel reservations)
* Cannot be used in "drinking establishments" (e.g., bars, clubs)
* Cannot be used for gambling activities (e.g., casinos, lottery tickets)
* Cannot be used for legal fees/fines (e.g., alimony, child support, parking tickets)
* Cannot be used for cost-sharing and premiums

You can request a replacement card by calling 1-800-607-2348*.