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Your Winter Safety List

Winter—particularly if you live where it gets cold—brings a unique set of challenges. Check out these tips for staying safe.

By Clover Health

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Never warm up your car in a garage (even with the door open). If you have a keyless ignition, find a way to remind yourself to turn off your car. Schedule annual inspections of your furnace, water heater, and gas- or coal- powered appliances. Never use a gas stove to heat your home. 

Dress in layers. 

Never forget your hat, gloves, and scarf. Remove layers if you get too warm. Sweating can make your clothes damp and reduces the insulating ability of certain fabrics, which can lead to hypothermia. 

Don’t overdo shoveling or snow blowing. 

Stretch first. Lift with your legs instead of your back, and take breaks. Never hesitate to ask a neighbor or friend to lend a hand! 

Wear shoes or boots with rubber soles and good traction. 

Use them every time you go outdoors—even if you’re just heading to your mailbox. 


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This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Kumar Dharmarajan.

Published on 1/26/22

Photo credit: Getty