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Quote that reads "I’ve always been active, and it’s been a saving grace." by member, Cathy, against a light blue background with a photo of Cathy Loving on the right.

Step by Step: Exercising at Home

Meet Cathy Loving, a Clover Health member who’s proud to share her secret to health!

By Lisa Rosen

As a 75-year old woman living in Riverdale, Georgia, Cathy Loving is an active, vibrant member of her community. She is on the board for Clayton Center, which offers services to people with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse issues. She also sits on the board for the Flint River Community Center Boys and Girls Club, tutors on the side, and gives lectures on history. 

Loving also makes it a priority to continue to exercise regularly and take care of her health. “I’ve always been active, and it’s been a saving grace,” she says.

 Cathy Loving in a purple dress and yellow hat posing in her kitchen.

Exercising from Home

No gym? No problem. “There’s no reason not to exercise! When the pandemic started, I would walk my 5 miles in the house every day.

I walked room to room, from one end to the other, listening to news or talking on the phone. You don’t have to go out, you don’t have to go to the gym.” 

Home Exercise Benefits

A good thing about exercising at home is that the bathroom’s right there. You can stop and rest if you want to, refill your water, eat a healthy snack, or turn on your favorite TV show or podcast to listen to in the background. 

“I also use weights and do some yoga. And I drink a lot of water. I stay hydrated and my kidneys are in great shape. I don’t do sodas. I do drink coffee because that is my drug of choice.”

Cathy in a flexed pose wearing a black work out outfit.

After overcoming several health challenges in her lifetime, Loving is also very proud to share that she takes no medication. “Just eating healthy, walking, and exercising daily—and church!” she says. 

Her determination and grit developed early. From the time she was a teenager, Loving shares, “I had a job, I had to pay my own rent, I had to pay for my bus fare and buy my own clothes to go to school.” 

Loving says she went on to work for people like Benjamin Mays, who was a mentor to Martin Luther King Jr., and meet icons like President Carter, Duke Ellington, Jesse Owens. 

“I came a long way because of people who helped me! It’s in my DNA that I love to help others.” 

What’s Your Story?

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This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Kumar Dharmarajan

Published on 10/19/22