COVID-19 Updates

  • Effective 2/1/21, Clover Health has resumed our standard Prior Authorization requirements. There are currently no COVID-19 UM exceptions in place at this time.
  • Clover Health Releases new COVID Vaccine Update.  Click here for more information.
  • To access all of Clover Health's COVID-19 Updates click here.

Did you know that you can document a member's reported blood pressure during a telehealth/virtual health visit? Simply document "member states their blood pressure is..." in your notes to ensure your patient's blood pressure rate is appropriately documented.

Clover Assistant Provider Speaking with Clover Member

The Clover Assistant, your partner in care

We’ve created the Clover Assistant Program to share Clover Health's data platform with healthcare providers to help them provide great, personalized care to their patients.

Participating providers are guaranteed higher, faster, and more accurate reimbursement.

Unified, Actionable Data

Access to lab results, prescription lists, and previous diagnoses, including those from other clinicians

Personalized Care Plans

Receive and share new information at each Clover Health patient visit and have access to clinical decision support

Simple, Fast Reimbursement

Receive double the Medicare reimbursement rate within 7 days for each patient seen with the Clover Assistant

Learn about the Clover Assistant

Tools and support for providers

Together, we can improve the lives of our members


Clover Health members, please visit About Clover Health or find a provider.