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Care Delivery Partners of Clover Health


Clover Health through its Clover Home Care division is focused on empowering members in receiving the high-quality care they deserve. Learn more about Clover Home Care’s partnerships with leading healthcare organizations who share in our goal to provide every patient with excellent care and services.

Our Partners

Whole Health by Quartet is a care service that holistically supports members with their mental and physical health needs. The Whole Health team takes the time to work with members with mental health needs and recognizes that mental health care is tied to the rest of a person’s well being.

Whole Health acts as a support hub, providing and coordinating your care by connecting you with qualified mental health providers, nurse practitioners, social workers and community services to meet a member’s comprehensive physical health, mental health and lifestyle needs.

Whole Health by Quartet

Thyme Care offers dedicated support to members who are newly diagnosed or living with cancer. Members have access to a team of doctors, nurses and resource specialists who are experts in cancer care.

They provide clinical advice, answer questions and can connect members to resources like financial aid. Thyme Care works closely with a member’s doctor to make sure everyone is up to date and that they get the right care at the right time, delivered in a way that respects a member's preferences.

Thyme Care

WellBe provides compassionate, specialized medical care delivered in the comfort of a member’s home in select areas of Georgia. They collaborate with caregivers and physicians to nurture the medical, social and emotional health of their patients.

Care is delivered by a team of geriatric specialists, dedicated to working with members to provide all the support and care they need in their home or wherever they are.