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Member Myrna Harris sitting in her garden patio.

Renewing and Restoring: Clover Health Member Myrna's Path Back to Mobility

Meet Myrna Harris, a Clover Health member who’s proud to share her secret to health!

By Myrna Harris

In my 70s, my body gradually started stiffening. Before I realized it, I had become feeble. Walking became difficult. Going up and down stairs was no longer easy. My balance became unsteady and iffy. My strength diminished. 

By age 84, climbing steps, rising from a chair, and walking all became difficult tasks. I fell three different times, so I decided to buy a cane for balance and support. My energy left. 

The “takeover” was gradual and insidious. The signs were there, but either I didn’t recognize them or ignored them. 

For years, layers of stress, tension, and negativity took their toll. Though I needed and wanted to counteract tightness and rebuild my strength, I lacked stick-to-itiveness. After a few weeks or months of trying different solutions, I’d stop. 

A Path Back to Mobility 

When a lower backache increased in intensity, I tried a movement learned in yoga class. While holding bent knees, I rolled from side to side on the floor massaging my back. The ache left in three days! 

I began addressing other discomfort with movement, mentally tracking change. Gradually, my mobility and mental energy increased while aches and stiffness decreased. 

Remembering how good I felt after my first yoga class 44 years ago, I committed to the practice. 

Now I move and stretch after waking up. My body is rested and receptive. 

I listen to my body and respond intuitively to its messages. It tells me where there’s tightness. Listening is important because problem areas get worse when ignored. When I listen, they surface, allowing me to release. 

Member Myrna Harris doing her morning stretches.

Myrna doing her morning stretches.

Practice Makes Progress

To restore balance, strength, and flexibility, I stretch for 60 minutes and rest for 15, Monday to Friday. 

I maintain a mental record of changes and revisit problem areas to avoid backsliding. My husband practices with me. We encourage each other and share progress. He does his thing and I do mine—sometimes to an awesome yoga rhythms CD; other times in silence—moving, stretching, and letting go. 

Headshot of member Myrna Harris.

Eat Well to Live Well

My improved diet now includes kale, spinach, collards, and other greens. From spring to fall, we get organic fruits and vegetables from a nearby farm co-op. As a result, my palate has expanded. I consume less dairy and sugar, more nuts and legumes. I drink green tea and water; my husband drinks seltzer. 

My favorite meal is a huge salad dressed with fresh lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil.

We enjoy vegetable stir-fries and hearty stews, sometimes with meat. And occasionally, we treat ourselves to a pizza or something fried. 

Bottom line: Movement and a healthy diet work wonders. Release and renew. It’s not too late—start now! 


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Published on 12/14/22