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Meet the Granfluencers

Social media isn’t only for the kids.

By Clover Health

Across online social platforms, but especially on Instagram and TikTok, a new profile is emerging: the “granfluencer.” This blended term combines grandparent and influencer and describes a new online trend. 

Granfluencers are social media influencers who happen to be older adults. Simply put, they influence. They build a following of like-minded folks who want to learn from or live like them. 

Successful influencers can even earn money. Some partner with companies to recommend products in an appealing and educational way. Because their followers often feel a connection to them, they’re like friends. Influencers’ campaigns are often much more personal than traditional ads. 

But granfluencers aren’t just in it for the marketing. These social-savvy seniors have a gift for building community. Their audience benefits from the inspiring, informative posts. 

We love how these trend-setters are creating a new way for older adults to connect, inspire, and be heard. Let’s get to know a couple of the granfluencers who are making their (digital) mark! 

Joan of @trainwithjoan tells her 1.5 million Instagram followers that “it’s never too late to change your life.” She promotes a healthy lifestyle with workouts, recipes, and her can-do attitude. The 74-year-old started her wellness journey in 2017 and her transformation— both mental and physical— is truly inspiring. 



Screenshot of mickiphit's instagram page on a smart phoneMicki of @mickiphit believes Pilates is for everyone. She shares online workouts and demonstrates variations of each exercise to make them work for you wherever you’re at. 

“My main goal as a fitness professional is to share movement and wellness with as many people as possible. Instagram makes it easy.” —@mickiphit 


How to Use Instagram: The Basics 

Here are the Instagram basics you need to know to get started.

Stories appear at the top of your feed. New ones have a pink outline. 

Create a new post by tapping the plus symbol. 

Comment on a post by tapping the speech bubble icon. 

Like a post by tapping the heart or tapping the picture twice. 

Search accounts or hashtags by tapping the magnifying glass. 

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This article was medically reviewed by Dr. Kumar Dharmarajan.

Photo credit: Getty, @trainwithjoan, @mickiphit, @jtouchofstyle

Published on 3/20/22