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4 Tips for Managing Medication

Need help with medication management? Here are 4 tips for making medications a little simpler.

By Clover Health

Remembering to take all of your prescriptions and medications on the right days and at the right times can be tricky. Medication adherence means taking medication correctly as prescribed by a provider and according to the prescribed dosage, time, frequency and direction. Medication adherence benefits overall wellness and prevents more serious medical intervention in the future.

“Especially if you’re managing a chronic condition, taking your medications as prescribed is one of the keys to success,” says Sophia Chang, MD, MPH, internist and Chief Clinical Information Officer at Clover Health. “This allows your doctor to adjust your medications and dosages to best meet your needs.”

It’s important to take your medications correctly so you can see their full benefit. But taking all of your medications as prescribed can sometimes be easier said than done for different reasons. These reasons could include a busy schedule that makes it hard to remember to take medications, not knowing when and how often to take medications, or not having easy access to the medications you need. 

There are ways to manage your medication to help you follow your care management plan set by your doctor. Here are four tips for making medications a little simpler.

  1. Skip the childproof caps. If you have trouble opening pill bottles, ask your pharmacist not to use childproof caps. (Then be sure to keep them out of the reach of kids.) 
  2. Keep a list of prescriptions handy. Your doctor may be able to print a full list for you. If not, write down the name, doses, and purpose for each medication and keep this note in your wallet (or create a note on your smartphone). You can also take a picture of the labels with your smartphone. 
  3. Make pills easy to identify. If you and your partner have a shelf full of bottles, use a dab of nail polish on the bottles to easily distinguish them. Try using pillboxes or multidose packaging, which many pharmacies can provide, to help you track which pills to take when. 
  4. Set reminders. Create an alarm on your smartphone that reminds you when to take your medication. Connect taking your pills to another daily activity, like brushing your teeth.

What should you do if you have unused or expired medication? “Make sure you dispose of unused medications at your local pharmacy and do not flush them down the toilet,” Dr. Chang says. “Many pharmacies have a depository where you can deposit used meds. That’s the best place to dispose of them.”

Part D Prescription Drug Benefits from Clover Health

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Published on 12/1/21

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