Clover Health Secures Access to Coronavirus Testing and Waives Costs for Members

San Francisco (March 6, 2020) -- In an effort to protect the health of its members, effective immediately, Clover Health, an innovative technology-enabled Medicare Advantage plan,  will provide coverage for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnostic lab testing. Additionally, Clover will waive any associated member co-pays or cost-shares. Clover promptly partnered with Quest Diagnostics, the world's leading provider of diagnostic information services, to offer members access to amongst the first commercially available COVID-19 diagnosis lab tests in the United States.


The agreement with Quest was reached within hours of the test service being launched. Clinicians treating Clover members can order and administer the test, a molecular-based assay that detects viral RNA in respiratory specimens. Quest has sought emergency use authorization from the FDA, which is providing flexibility for innovative and quality lab-developed tests to be brought to patients and providers quickly to advance effective response to the Coronavirus outbreak.


“We are committed to supporting our members and clinical providers during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Ensuring access to quality, accurate diagnostic testing at no cost to our members is of highest priority for us,” said Andrew Toy, President of Clover Health. “We’re fortunate to have flexibility in our arrangements and close-knit partnerships to enter this agreement within hours, an unprecedented timeline.”

Clover members experiencing symptoms related to the virus should be evaluated for influenza, and providers should continue to follow CDC guidelines (which continue to evolve) for COVID-19 testing.