Clover Member Stories

Clover is different because Clover cares.

Clover is more than a company that pays medical bills. We’re a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to lean on, and your fiercest advocate. We’re here when you have questions, when you need essential care, or just when you’re going through a rough time.

Here are a few stories about our members.

Coordinated Care

A Clover nurse practitioner visited one member at home to see how she was doing following shoulder surgery. During the visit, the nurse realized that something was off with her breathing. Based on the nurse’s instructions, the member immediately contacted her primary care physician, who discovered that she had a collapsed lung and readmitted her to the hospital. She expressed so much gratitude. She also said that her previous insurance company only sent someone to see her once, but she’s impressed by the fact that Clover follows up with her regularly.

Home Visits

"I just wanted to follow up with you on your visit to my home last month. I had such positive vibes from your visit that I finally made the decision that day to quit smoking, and now I am one month smoke free. It has not been as difficult as I thought it would be, but not easy either. I'm still adjusting physically to this new me. Mentally I'm OK, but my appetite is all over the place. I feel however, I will figure it out eventually. Thanks again for your advice." -- Clover Member

Medication Help

During a Clover Care Visit, the visiting nurse found 39 pill bottles in one member's home. Some were duplicate medications, some were expired, and some bottles contained multiple medications. The nurse called the member's primary care doctor and received a list of her current list of medications, 17 in total. The nurse gave her a pill box, filled each compartment with the proper medications for one week, and showed her how to repeat the process for the following week. The nurse also sorted out her medications, put them in correctly labeled bottles, and instructed her to discard the ones she no longer needed.

Proactive Health

"I had breast cancer in 2005, and they removed my left breast. I got tired of going for mammograms because they hurt me very much. I stopped going four years ago, even though my oncologist told me every year I need to keep going. Anthony from Clover came and asked me when my last mammogram was and why I didn't go, and he sat with me and explained to me why I need to get one and convinced me to go. When I went they found cancer in my right breast, and I just had it removed. If it wasn't for Anthony, I never would have went and found the cancer, so I wanted to thank him for saving my life." -- Clover Member

Personal Check-Ins

When a Clover nurse visited one member in her home following a hospital stay, she said she is delighted with Clover and thrilled that Clover provides nursing visits. She said Clover isn't like other insurance companies she’s had, who only sent a nurse to her home when she was first enrolled. She loves that Clover visits yearly and after hospitalizations. She said the post-discharge visits make her feel like Clover really cares about her and her well-being.

Quality Service

"I needed an MRI and didn't understand what I was required to get from my ear, nose, and throat doctor—it was confusing for me. I called Clover and the representative took care of me every step of the way. She made sure I had everything I needed and contacted the right people for me, so I could get the MRI I needed. Clover is a friendly company and are really trying to help their members." -- Clover Member