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  • $0 or low monthly premiums
  • Comprehensive dental coverage
  • Allowances for groceries** and over-the-counter (OTC) items
  • Hearing and vision coverage
  • Savings on preferred and non-preferred insulin
  • $0 or low copays for unlimited primary care visits
  • Low copays for specialist visits
  • $0 copays for many generic drugs
  • $0 or low cost shares for diabetes monitoring supplies
  • Telehealth for virtual doctor visits

During your consultation, we will review specific benefits of the plans in your area.

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If you’d rather speak to someone to learn more about Clover Health, we’re available 8am—8pm local time, 7 days a week.*

Why Clover Health is different:


See the doctor you want

Clover Health’s PPO provider networks are broad and open, enabling its members to see any doctor participating in Medicare willing to accept them. Clover Health also focuses on keeping out-of-pocket costs for its members as low as possible. Many Clover Health PPO plans allow members to pay the same low cost-shares whether the doctor is in- or out-of-network.


The Clover Assistant

Clover Health collaborates with our doctors by providing them with our Clover Assistant technology at no cost. Clover Assistant helps primary care doctors get a more complete view of members’ overall health by linking all healthcare information in one place.


Easy access to doctors

In addition to in-person office visits, members can see their doctor from the comfort of their home. Connect with physicians by video or phone call. If a personal doctor isn’t available, Clover Health can connect the member with a doctor or nurse practitioner via video or phone.

Get a Medicare Advantage plan that goes above and beyond

Get a Medicare Advantage plan that goes above and beyond

We want to show you how Clover Health does things differently, so we’re putting our best foot forward.

If you’d rather speak to someone to learn more about the plan, we’re available 8am—8pm local time, 7 days a week.*

Call 1-800-836-6890 (TTY 711)