Medicare Advantage Plan in Arizona from Clover Health

Our Arizona Medicare Advantage plan is affordable and features supplemental benefits like dental and vision.
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Medicare in Arizona

Nearly 1.3 million residents of Arizona have Medicare coverage and almost 40% of beneficiaries have Arizona Medicare Advantage plans. However, Clover Health’s approach to Medicare Advantage is unique and more personalized to help you make the most of your Medicare plan while being friendly to your budget.  

Clover Health Choice PPO in Arizona

In Arizona, Clover Health offers the Clover Health Choice PPO plan to Pima County residents. This plan includes a $0 monthly premium, $0 Part D deductible, and many other additional benefits like routine dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

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Core Medicare Benefits in Arizona

Original Medicare in Arizona typically only pays for 80% of costs and doesn’t cover most prescription drugs, but Clover Health is different. Our Medicare Advantage plan features a $3,400 maximum out-of-pocket cost while you pay $0 for unlimited primary care physician (PCP) visits and only $15 for specialist visits with our providers. With Clover Health, your copays for urgent care, emergency care, inpatient hospital stays, outpatient surgery, ambulance services, and prescription costs are reasonable and affordable. 

Supplemental Benefits and Services in Arizona

In addition to these core benefits, there are many other advantages to enrolling in a Clover Health Medicare Advantage plan, including the following supplemental benefits and services.

Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefits

Unlike Original Medicare, Clover Health plans cover important dental, vision, and hearing services to support your wellness. Arizona Clover Health Choice PPO plan members get routine dental exams, cleanings, an annual x-ray and comprehensive dental coverage with a yearly allowance for dentures, crowns, fillings, and other dental services.

With Clover Health, you also get one routine vision exam per year, plus a yearly allowance for routine contacts or glasses. One annual routine hearing exam is also included for $0 copay in our Arizona Medicare Advantage plan when you visit a TruHearing audiologist, plus hearing aids with affordable copays.

24/7 Doctor Access

Having 24/7 doctor access means not having to wait until your next appointment to ask important health questions. With a Clover Health Medicare Advantage plan, you can contact board-certified doctors through Teladoc by phone, video call, or mobile app any time of the day for no extra cost.

Fitness Center Memberships

Staying fit and active is much easier when you have the Clover Health Medicare Advantage plan that includes a SilverSneakers® membership. Sign up for a Clover Health plan and you’ll have access to over 16,000 fitness centers nationwide through SilverSneakers®.

Convenient Prescriptions

Unlike Original Medicare, we cover many prescription drugs and can save you money with a convenient 100-day supply delivered to you. With our Arizona Medicare Advantage plan, Tier 1 prescriptions from a preferred pharmacy have a $0 copay. Preferred pharmacies include CVS as well as many Walmart and Costco pharmacies and other locations nationwide. Check this locator for a preferred pharmacy near you. Copays and the percentage of medication costs covered vary by plan and Medicare phase of coverage, so check our formulary to see if your medications are covered.

Why Clover Health for Arizona Medicare Advantage?

If you’re a local resident and looking for an Arizona Medicare Advantage plan, Clover Health can help. We always treat you like a person, not a policy number, and we have your best interests in mind.

Contact us at 1-800-836-6890 (TTY 711) 8 am to 8 pm local time, 7 days a week,* to speak to a licensed sales agent and learn why we’ve been one of the fastest-growing Medicare Advantage plans in the country since 2013. Already a member? Call us at 1-888-778-1478 (TTY 711).