You went into this because you love patient care.
Remember patient care?

Health care has become so hard, hasn’t it? You’re all about your patients, but you have way too many on your roster and too few hours in your day. We feel for you. And we have a solution.

Come work with Clover Health home care. You’ll provide vital care to just a handful of Medicare patients per day. You’ll see them in their homes. You’ll spend more time and get closer with them. You’ll be able to give them much better care and make a great difference in their lives.

It’s patient care the way it should be, the way you remember it, and we’ll bring you back to it. Join us.


We’re making health care better for everyone.
Especially you.

If you’re a physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, medical assistant or social worker, joining Clover Health will make as great a difference in your life as your patients’ lives.

More Fulfillment

You’ll see no more than seven or eight patients a day, not 30 to 40. Imagine that. Having up to a full hour with each patient, connecting more meaningfully, truly understanding their lives and health situation, giving them the best of you and the best possible care.

Imagine this, too. Much less grind, much less stress, much more personal and professional satisfaction for you.

Work/Life Balance

Your low-volume daily caseload will allow you to have more productive, rewarding interactions with each of your patients, as well as less stress during your workday.

Just as important, you’ll have more quality time to spend with your family, friends and other personal interests and pursuits. More time for patients, more time for you. That’s balance, Clover Health style.

Seamless Teamwork

You’ll be a vital member of a team that’s highly collaborative and tightly knit. The same doctors, NPs, nurses and MAs work together every day. You’ll develop your own rapport, your own clinical style, your own rhythm.

And you’re never on your own. Doctors and NPs are always with their bilingual medical assistant. So serving your Spanish-speaking patients is no different than any of your other patients.


  • Competitive salary
  • Bonus opportunities
  • Paid time off
  • Health insurance

We're looking for people like you.

Our priority, our whole reason for being, is improving our members’ quality of life by giving them the finest personalized care. We do that by hiring the finest people—professionals who are passionate, committed and driven by mission. You in?

Nurse Practitioners

We need NPs for two teams:

Clover Home Care

You’ll visit members in their homes to provide primary care in accordance with their needs and personal preferences.

Clover Care Visit Team

You’ll meet with each member once a year in his or her home or via telehealth for a comprehensive health evaluation and to determine care needs.

Current Nurse Practitioner Openings
We spend about forty-five minutes with each patient. You have time to actually get to know the members, to really understand what their needs are.
– Nakesha, Nurse Practitioner

Medical Assistants

You’ll partner with a nurse practitioner or physician for in-home visits, and your bilingual skills will ensure vital communication with Spanish-speaking members.

Current Medical Assistant Openings
When I'm done with the visit at the house, the member will always ask me, “Oh, when are you coming back? Please don't take too long to come back.”
– Paola, Medical Assistant


You’ll visit members in their homes and direct all aspects of the primary care. Your dedicated medical assistant will join you, providing essential support that frees you to spend more time with patients. You will also be paired with a nurse care coordinator who will lead telephonic care coordination and management for your patients.

Current Physician Openings
I think the future of health care is in in-home care. And working at Clover, you're going to define what that is.
– Gonzalo, MD

Nurses - RN/LPN

We need RNs/LPNs for two teams:

Clover Home Care (LPN)

You’ll perform telephonic care coordination and management to improve outcomes for patients enrolled in the Clover Home Care program.

Virtual case management team (RN)

You’ll lead telephonic care coordination and care management efforts for members across Clover Health’s markets.

Current Nurse Openings
When I go to bed at night and I know I've helped somebody during the day and made a difference in their life, there's no better feeling than that. Absolutely not.
– Janet, Registered Nurse

Social Workers

You’ll engage members in their homes and via telehealth to provide behavioral health care coordination and management, advanced care planning guidance, and financial/social services support.

Current Social Worker Openings
We truly do make a difference in our members' lives. Some of them, we are all that they have and they truly look at us as a lifeline.
– Lindsay, Social Worker

In case you’re wondering, yes, we’re an insurance company.

That may give you pause, and we get that. But trust us, we're not like any other health insurance company. Our mission is to make a difference in our patients' and team members' lives. We think out of the box, we try new approaches, and we rely on frontline professionals like you to help develop better ways to provide better care. That's not just lip service, it's how we really operate.

Take it from Kumar Dharmarajan. He’s a Harvard- and Columbia-trained geriatrician and cardiologist who leads our home care team. Watch as he explains how we empower our clinicians to provide a whole new kind of unrushed, in-depth, personalized care. And Kumar practices what he preaches; he also sees patients in their homes. Like all Clover providers, he loves being able to make such a profound difference for Clover members.





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