Our product is well being.

Health insurance is how we deliver it. As product managers, our role is to marry technology, data, and human operations
to radically reshape healthcare for the elderly. This is a demographic that hasn't yet reaped the full benefits of the tech boom.
As an insurer, we're in a unique position to impact our members' physical, mental, and social well being.
These aren't traditional PM roles. You should be comfortable with extreme complexity,
scrappiness in the face of an archaic industry, and the challenge of balancing short-term wins with long-term vision. 
Most of all, you should be excited by the opportunity to design a better health system from scratch.

Louisa Henry
Director of Product

"Product Managers at Clover untangle the gnarly problems that compromise our members' health. The products we build could easily be entire companies in and of themselves. Each one is an opportunity to make a big impact."

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